Below are the questions that are most frequently asked of us.

Can CrowdCat help us understand how customers think about our brand?

We carry out a discovery project to collect psychological profiles from a very high proportion of your own audiences – valid, actionable data to show how different audiences perceive your brand.

We can do this quickly without needing significant effort on your part.

This project would be developed with you in order to deliver the results that you require. The benefits of such a project are that results can be delivered within just eight to ten weeks and incorporate findings from a wide, reliable audience in the true context of your brand.

For example, it’s critical to appreciate that a customer evaluates brands quite differently in their regular supermarket than in a less familiar same-chain supermarket.

If context is this sensitive, imagine how much a customer’s thinking unconsciously changes when you put them in a focus group or ask them traditional survey questions, which explains why market research is mostly misleading.


Can CrowdCat help us to understand how effective our brand’s communications are at engaging with our audiences?

By using a proven combination of cognitive psychometrics, computational neuroscience and mathematical modelling, we understand the personalities and cognitive processes of consumers on a large scale, and, critically, in the context of your brand and communications.

In this way, we understand the effectiveness of your brand’s communications amongst different groupings based on behavioural themes to provide you with not only the customer profiling that you desire, but also actionable insight to guide and personalise your future communications.


We wish to be more evidence-based in the way we produce executive financial forecasts during the budgeting process. Can CrowdCat help?

Building a full financial model and reporting system for your organisation can be achieved as we work with you to develop and run campaigns. We will create a bespoke scale-able model as we go, based on econometrics, behavioural analytics and neuroscientific data to capture the full impact of your marketing across all channels.


We need to make changes in our marketing function.  How can CrowdCat data inform our strategy?

Your brand is unique and we can explain in detail its relationship with its audiences. You gain understanding of your distinct audience personality models, and how to maximise  engagement with your brand.

CrowdCat is not about benchmarking with a set of general scientific ideas, we’re about discovering your brand’s science.

We uncover the unique principles you can use to consistently and effectively connect to your audiences at all levels of communications in order to make effective organisational changes.


Our organisation’s data capture and our ability to get meaningful, actionable insights are sub-optimal. Sometimes I feel our data tells us very little we can use. 

This is very common and presents an enormous wasted opportunity for organisations worldwide, which should not be ignored.

Our work has demonstrated the factors that make the difference for an organisation when seeking to optimise its use of data. Through our neuroscience and consultative approach, your organisation can benefit from the following:

  • Whole audience profiles and segmentation by behavioural themes, captured in a statistically accurate and reliable way through cognitive and personality psychometrics.
  • Customer experiences that truly engage through personalisation, at the same time as giving ongoing actionable data and continuous data enrichment.
  • A proven scientific approach to measuring engagement, proving success and providing accurate evidence based financial forecasts.

We are concerned about the time and effort of becoming more data-driven. What timescales and staffing would be required to achieve our goals?

When we carry out a discovery project we can do this quickly without needing significant effort on your part.

The outcomes of this are usually available within ten weeks and will provide you with clear direction. We work with you to develop an ongoing programme to deliver the greatest possible value for your organisation.


We currently base our segmentation on geography and demographics. Can CrowdCat integrate these with its psychometric and behavioural profiling to optimise our segmentation?

In order to create the greatest value for your organisation, we work with you to create a powerful platform and internal hub of expertise.

This combines embedded intellectual property, continual psychometric and behavioural data enrichment with the knowledge of implementing evolving insight into all communications and customer experiences.


Can CrowdCat integrate its data and insight into our current data processes and CRM?

As part of an ongoing partnership with your organisation, we will work with you to provide continual psychometric and behavioural data enrichment within your CRM platform, and also develop internal knowledge of implementing evolving insight into all communications and customer experiences.


How much does working with CrowdCat cost?

We know that you are keen to see the value that we can add to your organisation, before making any long-term commitments. The discovery project (£15K plus VAT) stands by itself in terms of providing you with actionable insight and clear direction.

Following the completion of this, most of our clients choose to partner with us based on results, strategic advantage and ROI, and we are confident you will wish to work with us on a longer-term programme.


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